Hotstar Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox


It is family and friends that make every moment special, no matter what it is. Whether it's your bad day or good, they are with you in every situation. However, not everyone gets a chance to engage and meet with their loved ones that live far away. Furthermore, people feel distant from others who are around them. Therefore, to bring your friend and family closer to you, host a Hotstar Party.
Hotstar Party is a new and uncomplicated way to anchor the most spectacular virtual watch parties for the love of Hotstar content. Furthermore, it is a top-notch web extension that is free to access and utilize. Hotstar has grown its prominence even without the shadow of Disney+. Everyone holds a special place in their hearts for Hotstar, a commendable and beloved online streaming service. It has long been offering all these fantastic services. For individuals who enjoy watching movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other media, Hotstar is the greatest option. Therefore, subscribers can now stream the content collectively via Hotstar Party Extension. Additionally, the feature and intelligent attributes of the Hotstar Party extension delivers an elevated steaming experience in the comfort of your house.


Going to a theater and planning a group visit there can sometimes be a hassle. Therefore, call your cinema at home and gather your loved audiences at the Hotstar Party. Furthermore, people lack the energy to undertake additional tasks after spending the entire day at the office or whatever chores they do have. A virtual movie night at home with some chit-chat with friends and family, coupled with good food, is all you need for unlimited fun. Moreover, virtual watch parties via Hotstar Party are a platform where entertainment and good memories bloom. You can therefore use the Hotstar Party Extension, a free browser extension for watching movies and shows remotely. However, all of it comes down to "how one can use it to host a magical streaming bonanza." Hotstar Party Extension syncs video playbacks with a unique live group chat feature so you can share the action and reactions while also sending emojis to convey different moods. Therefore, adhere to the following instructions for extensive usage.

Downloading the extension is the first step in the procedure. Therefore, you may accomplish this by clicking here. Furthermore, it is a web-based extension that one can download from Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Edge browser. Devices running Windows, macOS, and Chromebooks are all compatible with Hotstar Party.

Next, users must pin the Hotstar Party Extension in their browser's address bar. Therefore, add the extension by clicking on it once downloaded. However, there may be instances when you are unable to locate the extension. Thus, click the puzzle icon in the top right corner of the browser if it doesn't show. The icon is located there so you can pin it to the toolbar.

Now sign into your Hotstar account. Furthermore, ensure that you have your individual subscription to host and join a watch party.

After finishing the sign-in process, you can search for and choose the videos for the watch party. Thus, go to the search bar in the streaming app and then look for what you want everyone to watch. Play that content and pause after a couple of minutes. When hosting the watch party, it is essential to pause the video after it has been streaming for a little while.

Now, hit the extension icon located on the toolbar to host a Hotstar party. The "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" window and the "START A PARTY" button will now be visible. Therefore, select that button to start organizing a Hotstar Party. After that, copy and send your loved ones the Hotstar Party invitation link.

Before joining the watch party, make sure that you download the correct Hotstar Party extension. After that, continue by clicking the URL for the invitation the party host shared with you. Finally, you would be on a movie night with all the fun and entertainment.


Hotstar Party Extension is a fantastic extension to use because of its many exceptional features. Listed below are a few of them for users to learn more about the extension:

Everybody can use the Hotstar Party extension anywhere in the world. As a result, you can utilize it everywhere on earth. However, it is crucial to know whether Hotstar's streaming platform is accessible in your region or country. In such situations, you can use a highly-functional VPN to alter your location and activate a Hotstar membership. And after that, you'll be able to interact with your loved ones via a virtual movie night.

Your watch party companions can see your smiles and reflections on an ongoing scene. Therefore, this amazing feature of the watch party enables you to maintain a conversation between the party guests. Additionally, it will comfort you that you are seated next to one another. Moreover, you can respond to party guests by sending them emoticons.

You may edit your profile, which is one of the Hotstar Party's most amazing features. Thus, users can apply cute and cool usernames to your profile. You can select and keep any cute or hip avatars or profile photos, too. Additionally, you can therefore edit your profile as you see fit.

You may manage your watch party with the Hotstar Party extension and ensure its security. The host can also grant everyone access to the watch party by turning the "I HAVE CONTROL" button green. You will be able to add and remove people in this manner. You can also pause, resume, fast-forward, and rewind streaming content

In order to cater best to the users, Hotstar Party synchronizes your streaming so that everyone is watching the same thing simultaneously. Additionally, it aims to provide the best streaming experience imaginable. It offers high-quality streaming goals, one of its brightest objectives. Moreover, you can share the content with your loved ones by streaming it in peace.

The Hotstar Party is a free extension that you may use to get all of those features and entertainment. From this point on, you can access this amusement free of charge.


The Hotstar party extension is specially curated for all Hotstar fans. Whether it’s shows, movies, or even live sports, you will be able to enjoy the watch party seamlessly. Furthermore, it has some wonderful features to enhance your experience and bring you to ease. Let’s break into the features.

An extension is a free tool that allows all Hotstar subscribers to watch any show, movie, or video in sync with viewers in other locations. While they watch their favorite shows together, they can also text and send emojis to one another. The best part is that the extension is free and can be installed anywhere in the world.

Using the link your pal or the watch party host provided to you, you can join a watch party. After downloading the link, you must also download the watch party extension if you haven't previously.

Please click here for assistance with extension installation. After clicking on this link, you must select the blue "Add to Chrome" option on the extension's official installation page. Before the extension is added to your browser, you will also be asked for permission. Click the "Add Extension" button to accomplish this. Your machine will now be configured with the extension.

Up to 100 people can be accommodated in one watch party. On the other hand, to participate in the virtual watch party, each party attendee must have their own Hotstar membership.